Lo que es mejor para uno no es lo mejor para otros

  He tomado una decisión solo en base a mi bienestar, ¿me arrepentiré? eso solo el tiempo lo dirá. Al final así es ahora, tomar decisiones cada día es la vida de todos, pude aprender mucho acá pero no logro encajar y eso, solo eso ya me es motivo suficiente para iniciar una nueva aventura.

  At this point in my life I’m a truly expert in new advetures, I’m with the wind. I want to know more and I’ll do it.

無限 未来 Futuro Infinito


  Creo que podré hacerlo una vez más, a esta edad generalmente ya no pasan cosas muy entretenidas y las únicas conversaciones son de cosas pasadas. Creo que podré volar una última vez antes de caer en la fomedad de la vida adulta.

  I can fly all that I want, I’m in a sort of middle age crisis where i can’t see any different so it’s my turn to make some big changes the chance is now.

El tiempo pasa

  El tiempo pasa y pasa, cada segundo que se va no volverá más y solo será un recuerdo. He visto pasar muchos años rápidamente y aún así muchas cosas siguen siendo igual.

  I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to do. I want to be myself, I need to recover my spark.

Pensando otra vez

  There are so many things happening in my mind now. I can see so many ways and possibilities but no one seems to be real, I’ve been thinking so, so much!!, and the most recurrent idea that I’ve is there is more.


  More of what??

Soñando despierto

  How nice is to remember your older you?? once upon a time there was the other me, the cheerful and funny me, who don’t step back and only go on. Today for a little bit of time I was me again.

  I want to scream, there is something calling me I don’t know what, but I feel something. I need to know what.

  ¿Te ha pasado alguna vez? sentir que tienes que hacer algo o que alguien te necesita, pero no sabes que o quién??.


Today I took a walk

  Today I mean yesterday, was a cloudy day and I made something that I really like and used to do always: walk. I walked to see the sea and feel the breeze, but it was so sad see how many garbage is throw to the sea by the people. The beach near from me it’s an artificial one, I mean was created by people and that’s I think I don’t feel it like the beaches of my city.

  I was sad, I’m sad, I can’t find my light, the worst is I can’t explain it, it’s just feeling empty. Doushiyou??